Your Plan

Your Transition Plan will include:

  • A clear plan that excites you with the opportunity to make the “Next Stage” the best time of your life
  • A clear direction for your life after work with a good understanding of what you want to focus on and knowing what you want to do with your time – tick off your ‘Bucket List’ along the way
  • You will have discovered a clear purpose for what you really want to do in the “Next Stage” – Your ten-year plus, over-arching Purpose
  • Your Life Plan Map projected 5, 10 or even 20 years into the future
  • Tracking the increase in your “Feeling of Well-Being”
  • More specifically, you will also have developed and determined a series of shorter-term goals for personal change and personal growth
  • Access to a wealth of research and information for further reading to continue your transition
  • Options to review and update your plan
You can expect to live into your mid 80’s in Australia.