The Program

Over a number of weeks, a Transition to Retirement Program will guide you through your transition from full-time work to the “Next Stage”.  You will set the pace although people find the discipline of weekly meetings enables them to make good progress but others prefer fortnightly for more “thinking time”.  There will be some face-to-face meetings (for those in Brisbane) and some phone conversations.  Other people will prefer to work online and through video conferences.

Whilst the Program will be personalised for you and be guided by what you want to achieve, it will follow a framework and we will use a series of tools and techniques to continually progress your thought patterns and ideas so they can crystallise into your “Transition to Retirement Plan”.

You will come to an understanding that life transitions take time and endings need to take place before new beginnings can take hold.

We will also take stock of where you have been and where you want to go.

You will be shown that demographics are a way to predict the future and show you the likely trends over the next 10 to 20 years.  You can see into the future with a fair degree of certainty.

We will work on your longer-term “Enduring Personal Vision” to get you a clear direction in your life after work.

We will also work on shorter-term goals that act as building blocks to achieve your longer-term goals.

At the end of the Program you will have covered a lot of ground, you will have been challenged, you will have been taken out of your comfort zone and maybe you will have been asked to confront some uncomfortable “truths”.

Importantly, confidentiality is assured so clients can discuss whatever is on their minds. By verbalising thoughts they become much more real and further options become apparent. We might document those thoughts and ideas or we might simply discard them.

Once agreed, we will be documenting those things along the way and compiling them into your “Transition to Retirement Plan”; a document that you can refer back to and continue to update with your goals each year and themes for each month.