Individual TTR Packages

This package is a six week program that develops and builds a foundational Transition to Retirement (TTR) Plan that bring together your thoughts, goals and dreams into a detailed plan with options for further self-discovery or refinement. You may wish to do this yourself at your leisure or add on a couple more sessions with TTR at a later date. The Individual TTR Package includes both face-to-face meetings (in person, if practical, or via video calls) as well as Self-Guided Discovery in between meetings to allow time for self-reflection and completing suggested tasks.

Whilst each Package is customised for you and your circumstances, they are likely to include the following topics:

  • Understanding Transitions in life
  • Change vs Transition
  • Looking back at your previous Transitions
  • Understanding who you are. Does your self-perception fit with underlying self? Some fun exercises will help confirm your personality
  • Using a ‘Life History Timeline’ diagram will capture key aspects and turning points in your life
  • Uncovering what your dreams might be and refining them throughout our time together in to an Enduring Personal Vision
  • Developing a series of goals within your Dream framework

During the Program, we will be documenting your thoughts, ideas and dreams. Of course, all discussions are in-confidence so your TTR Plan will only include agreed content. At the end of the Program you will receive your hard copy TTR Plan that will show you how far you have come in your planning for the next stage of your life. It will be your Plan that you can refer to from time-to-time to keep you on track and where you can update and refine your annual and monthly plans.

IS THIS RIGHT FOR YOU? – If this resonates with you and you like what you’re seeing then call to have a chat and find out if it is right for you. I’ll introduce you to what the Program is all about, what you can expect and what it will achieve and deliver.  I’ll ask you about your current situation, your aims, goals and intentions as you see them (however vague they may be at the time).  Don’t worry, my job is to guide and develop your thoughts, ideas and dreams, and to bring them all together.  I’ll keep you on track, making sure you make continual progress and you are accountable for agreed Action Items.  You will need to commit wholeheartedly to the process and fully engaged in developing and building the Plan as it will be your TTR Plan.  It will provide you with a clear Plan that excites you with the opportunity to make the “Next Stage of your Life” the best time of your life; too many people settle into a mundane existence with little direction and no purpose in life.