Welcome to your Transition to Retirement

So, what is your ‘Plan’?

Most people have a financial plan but few have thought through and planned for what comes next after work.  Many will be looking forward to a “well-deserved” holiday; you will certainly have the time, probably the money and definitely freedom but then what?

What will fill your days ahead?  What do you want to achieve? What are your goals? What are your dreams? What are you going to be known for?

Having a psychological plan to help you successfully transition from work to your “Next Stage” is crucial to achieving a happy and fulfilling life.  Far too many people drift into a meaningless and mediocre existence. Having a Plan will give you direction, focus and, importantly, confidence in the future.

A Psychological Plan (in conjunction with your Financial Plan) helps you successfully transition to the “Next Stage” of your life creating a new sense of purpose, a direction in life and a confidence in the future

What does the research show us?

Research shows that after the initial euphoria of the first 2 to 3 months (The “Holiday Phase”), there is a major slump in mood and confidence at around 6 months as the “Reality Phase” kicks in and the question of what comes next hits home.

Making a Plan is the key

Whilst every transition is different, there are a number of phases that everyone passes through from letting go of the past, breaking old connections and ways of thinking, enduring a period of uncertainty and disorientation to gradually perceiving there is a new beginning underway. This transition involves achieving autonomy and finding purpose. Developing a plan will give you direction, purpose and confidence in the future.

Support is available

Based in Brisbane, I bring an Australian perspective to your thinking and planning. Essentially, I’m here to guide you through your Transition and to work with you to develop a forward looking Plan that will continue to guide you in the years ahead.